stablished in 2010 by the same family which owns and manages it today – descending from Abu Khalifa Trading Establishment. Alraed Fresh has grown from a small Wholesale Markets-based operator to a national wholesaler supplying supermarkets, Catering Companies, Hotels and Restaurants.

Through our links to first class suppliers, Retail Customers, and Wholesale Customers, we believe that Alraed Fresh is one of the only Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Operators in Qatar that can take this type of business to the second level, and to be in line with the same Multi Million European companies working in the same field.


lraed Fresh staff specializes in research and development, food safety and quality assurance, re-packing and packaging, logistics, finance, administration, sales, export services, customer service and marketing, allowing us to manage every aspect of the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain.

Our expansion into the distribution of frozen chickens, frozen vegetables,
cheeses and chilled meats through our joint venture with multi-billion dollar company UNIFRUITTI only adds to our already burgeoning business which exports throughout the Middle East.

Our dream is big, and the reality proves that we are heading on the right direction, and we feel proud to know that more than 50% of the Product in the Qatari Market has been sourced and distributed through us. The next step for Alraed Fresh is to fully integrate the Fresh Produce cycle and invest in Sourcing, Logistics, Manufacturing and Distribution locally and globally.


e strive to provide our customers with consistent quality product with maximum freshness. We aim to deliver wide range of food products to meet the constantly growing needs of Qatar market. Through our sophisticated logistics system we create unmatched reputation for products with standout quality and punctual delivery personalized to each of our client’s needs.


o become the most preferred supplier for fresh fruits & vegetables by exceeding our customers’ expectations of quality, service and fast turnaround for profitability and growth. To be the top leader in the fresh fruits & vegetable distribution, with the most recognized brand while creating profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability.


lraed Fresh Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Raed Abdullah Al-Khalaf has capitalized on the Fathers legacy and vision in order to take the family business forward. Mr. Abdullah Al Khalaf and Haidar Ali, who transports a wealth of business knowledge stretching back over fifty years when Abu Khalifa Trading, established in 1978, graced the old port.

2007 saw expansion and a new distribution arm of the original company “Abu Khalifa Trading Est.” was established and entitled Alraed Fresh in order to distribute fresh fruits and vegetables direct to customers, tailor made to customers’ needs.

At the heart of Alraed Fresh is a dedicated team which has experience, knowledge and unique expertise consistently delivers a high quality services and produce to our customer.

Expert within the realms of fresh fruits and vegetable distribution, we endeavor to constantly update the skills of our team in order to satisfy the very needs of customer requirements. Teamwork and unconditional respect for one and other throughout the workforce, both horizontally and vertically.

The same teamwork and mutual respect, the very core of Alraed Fresh’ beliefs and values that which enables us to deliver efficient services and produce to our clients in all its forms.


t the helm of Alraed Fresh is Our Chairman Mr. Raed Al-Khalaf, US Graduate, whose wealth of knowledge is the source of Alraed Fresh drive and determination to success.

He believes that no one more important in the recipe of business success than the customer himself and this belief runs across the whole company. With over 15 years of industry knowledge, Mr. Al-Khalaf strongly believes that the excellent infrastructure always determines the good base of a successful business.


t Alraed Fresh we invest a descent budget year after year trying to improve and renew our company resources either Human Resources expertise, IT Infrastructure or hardware as we will always go the extra mile for the purpose of fulfilling our obligations towards our dear customers.

Through our links to first class suppliers, Retail Customers, and Wholesale Customers, we believe that Alraed Fresh is one of the only Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Operators in Qatar that can take this type of business to the second level, and to be in line with the same Multi-Million European companies working in the same field.


n addition to attaining customer satisfaction, we recognize that our rapidly expanding team currently numbered at 250 employees, in order to fulfill our expansion plans, is one of our most valuable assets and whose welfare is paramount to the successful operations of Alraed Fresh.

We attribute our company success to the team’s commitment to excellence in all facets of our business and strive to offer the highest quality products in our field.


lraed Fresh offers a complete supply of fresh food products, all the best quality of fruits and vegetables, from both regional and global sources all year round. We are committed to supply produce of the highest quality standards. We work with growers from every part of the world to ensure consumers get great tasting fruit with the highest level of freshness 365 days a year.

With a comprehensive supply of fresh fruits & vegetable products, collected in its prime forms, transported and stored in optimal conditions to preserve as much better quality, we have a set of strategically placed divisions, each one with high-tech facilities and storage. All fruits and vegetables are carefully selected and packed on automated production lines in a controlled temperature, resulting in top quality finished product.

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Fresh Fruits

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Organic Fruits

Organic Fruits

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lraed Fresh areas of expertise are fresh fruits & vegetables distribution. With the best quality and excellent supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, from both regional and global sources and a full time product technologist working with high quality standards, we are able to deliver a safe fresh supply of produce to our customer all the time.

Our company is committed for a long term relationship with all our clients and suppliers and developing a distribution network based on service and quality products.


lraed Fresh offer a comprehensive supply of fresh fruits & vegetable products, collected in its prime forms, transported and stored in optimal conditions to preserve as much better quality.

With the best quality and excellent supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, from both regional and global sources, we are committed for a long term relationship with all our clients and suppliers and developing a distribution network based on service and quality products.

Quality is the primary focus of Alraed Fresh. This has made us to work as partners in hand with world renowned brands like Dole Food Company, Blue Whale, Del Sol Foods, the Greenery and Unifrutti to name a few.

We built a checkpoint in various stages of the supply chain from supplier to customer to guarantee the dependability of the products.


stablished itself as a capable and reliable producer and supplier of fresh fruits internationally. The company passionately ensures that the fruits made available through its seamless supply-chain are fresh, clean, delightfully delicious and full of all the natural nutrients that nature bestows on them. The company’s premium quality fruits includes Apples, Kiwis, Plums, Grapes, Citrus and domestic products like Bananas, Grapes, Pomegranates, Kinnows & Mangoes.


he world’s largest producer and marketer of high-quality fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

Dole markets a growing line of packaged and frozen foods, and is a produce industry leader in nutrition education and research. Dole Food Company, Inc. offers a variety of more than 200 products, including fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, packaged foods and value-added products.


E Fresh Produce stands for Quality & Services. After working in the Fruits and Vegetable Business for more then 20 years, the owners founded BE Fresh Produce in the summer of 2010. By always buying the best products and keeping low stock, they can deliver our customers a wide range of Top Quality Fruits and Vegetables. As a specialist in fresh produce, the company offer a complete range of all types of Vegetables and Fruit. Not just the fast sellers, but also the specialties within the range.


group of more than 200 growers, it was founded in 1950 so that together they could develop ways of producing and marketing top-quality fruit from their growing areas in South-West France (the Valley of the Garonne, the Tarn, the Aveyron and the Quercy Hills) and also from Provence, the Alps and the Loire Valley.


anLucar has been an internationally operating company, based in Valencia and with branches in Germany and Austria as well as other locations in Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, Central and South America.

With a current range of 90 fruit and vegetable cultivars from more than 30 countries, SanLucar is the brand with the widest offer in the market. SanLucar stands for enthusiasm, transparency, natural taste and authenticity.


he company started its operation in 1933. The quality vegetables sold by Hoogstraten are sold as Flandria, and the strawberries under the Hoogstraten brand.

The grower always grows his fruit and vegetables according to high standard specifications. For both quality products, besides strict goods inward inspections for external quality, additional attention is paid to internal quality parameters via a comprehensive residue test and freshness tests.

Veiling Hoogstraten has achieved considerable growth in recent years. The focus on quality and food safety has never been greater. The company strives to attain an optimal market price for the products supplied by its members.


e possess a world-class state of the art infrastructure facilities and it is the backbone of Alraed Fresh backed by a team of highly experienced professionals, comprising of latest cutting edge technologies equipped with modern machines and equipment to execute every task efficiently. Our latest machines help us in the production, meeting the ever changing demands of our customer to ensure that international quality standards are met.

Alraed Fresh employs an integrated expert team in order to carry out its complex distribution operations. From the Administration Department through to the Warehouse and Storage Department, Packing Department, Transportation and Logistics Department and Care Team Department, we ensure every level of the operations has access to top quality resources in order to determine the optimum level in the company’s success and of course in customer’s satisfaction.

At Alraed Fresh we understand the importance of consistently offering ongoing superior levels of service. In every facet of our business the customer first attitude is evident by the high level of growth we

have been able to achieve through customer satisfaction. In addition to our dedicated team we have been an industry leader in the implementation of new packing technologies that have improved efficiencies and helped us deliver a high level of service.

Our temperature controlled state of the art packing facility, helps us to maintain a fresh and clean packing process, from the farm to the customer. We adhere to strict working processes from receiving to dispatch which helps us deliver a safe working environment.

Alraed Fresh features a cool room paneled packing area and is equipped with the latest European Packing Technology, as well as having internal finger docks where produce is handled in optimum temperature conditions.


rom our state-of-the-art warehouse facilities we boast a wide range of new and efficient storage projects. With 900 square meters of computer-regulated pure refrigeration space, designed to respond instantly to humidity and temperature fluctuations and 430 square meters of dry storage space, we are quickly able to meet the requirements of our customers.

Additionally, our very own banana ripening facility is able to process a massive 500 tons of bananas on a weekly basis.


ur facilities house the very best in world renowned technology which is an integral part of the successful running of our distribution and packing operations and of course customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to the installation and upkeep of state-of-the art machinery enables us to process our products through each important stage of the operations from pre washing systems through to the sorting, grading and packing machines.


nsuring absolute quality, our Care Team makes stringent mandatory inspections of items in order to maintain the high quality that our customers have come to expect from us, at Alraed Fresh we also utilize a Care Team to create fruit basket presentations, tailor-made to our customer specifications and satisfaction.

Alraed Fresh diverse staff contributes talent, insight, and perspective, putting all our unique differences to work across the company. All employees in our company have an equal opportunity to contribute and it is our desire to respect culture and ethnic diversity by hiring and nurturing individuals with an array of experience and backgrounds.

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